Rewards Program – Get Paid to Travel!

Did you hear that saying, “Talk is cheap – send money!”? That’s what we do!

Program Benefits:

  • Free complimentary membership
  • BVI (BookitVal Incentive) points never expire
  • Unlimited reward redemption opportunities
  • BVI points always earned “in addition” to other travel partner points (no choice to make)
  • Elite-level members receive offers for bonus amenities and free trips

Program Terms and Conditions:*

  • BVI Points are earned when travel is booked with Val Vick**
  • BVI Points are earned when your referrals book travel with Val Vick***
  • BVI Points are not transferable
  • Gift cards valued at $50 can be claimed at 6,000 BVI-point levels
  • Once redeemed, those points are removed from the account
  • BVI points are recorded without interruption towards Elite Member status
  • Gold Elite members (achieved after 60,000 cumulative points) receive bonus amenities on every land package or cruise
  • Platinum Elite members (achieved after 120,000 cumulative points) receive bonus amenities and access to special travel opportunities
  • Rewards are redeemed by written request to

Program membership prior to travel or booking and reward redemption require an Opt-In to the Program (Clients who booked travel or completed prior to 2014 are acknowledged with a bonus of 500 BVI points). Opt-in Now by clicking here to send an email to Val with the requested information shown here.

{Opt-in — Requesting Name, Birthday, Email, Mailing Address and Cell Phone]

*Terms and conditions can be amended at any time at the sole discretion of Val Vick.

**Earn 1 BVI point per U.S. dollar (pre-tax/fees) for travel booked except on air-only bookings or Spirit Airlines-land packages, which earn 1/3 BVI point per U.S. dollar (pre-tax/fees).

***Earn 20% of the BVI points earned by clients you refer to Val (a client can only be referred by one person and referral points will only be awarded for that client one time; at their request, ‘couples’ can be labeled as one client).

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