Travel Agent Benefits

Benefits of Booking with Val!

Maybe you’ve heard about general  “Travel Agent Benefits” , but here are a few reasons to work specifically with me:

    • Services provided at No Cost to You!
    • Payments are made directly to the Suppliers — Not to Val!
    • I Collaborate and Consult with You prior to Booking for You!
    • I Recognize the Uniqueness of Your Travel Needs!
    • I offer Turn-Key Travel Support (door-to-door) when desired!
    • I have Personal Knowledge as a Frequent Traveler to offer Value-Added Input!
    • I have First-Hand Knowledge from a 4,000-Member Travel Group to offer Value-Added Input!
    • My Membership in Travel Consortiums provide Bonus Amenities for Many Clients!
    • I apply Project Management skills to Group/Event Travel!
    • I Reward clients for Bookings and Referrals!
    • I offer Installment (Lay-A-Way) Payment Plans (reserve now – pay later) for most travel!
    • I am Your staunchest Advocate before, during, and after the travel experience!
    • If there are Problems — I Stand with You until Resolution is Reached!

What About Those Travel Promotions, Sales, or Incentives?

How can you know what’s legitimate? When should you be wary? How do offers differ?

  • Sales typically represent temporary reduced pricing
  • Promotions and incentives provide something extra to enhance your experience (sometimes with reduced prices)
  • Promotions often require a code
  • They all typically have limited availability, are capacity controlled, and can “sell out”
  • They sometimes often have stricter cancellation penalties
  • Some companies have standing promotions such as Early Bird discounts

5 things to watch out for when you see an offer:

  1. It is ONLY offered by one company or person.
  2. It is ONLY good for one day.
  3. There is ONLY one trip left.
  5. It sounds TOO GOOD to be true.

If you are concerned, ask Val about the offer. If it’s legitimate, she has likely seen it cross her desk or can check it out directly with the company making the offer. And as a Travel Agent Consortium member, she may actually have a BETTER OFFER for you!

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